Know & Make Known.

The mission of Liberty Church of the Nazarene is To Know Christ and Make Him Known. God’s mission and the mission of His Church are inseparably linked. If God’s mission is to be glorified through the redemption and reconciliation of a people, the Church’s mission must orient around the glory of God and seek to glorify Him through redemption and reconciliation.

Our vision is to be a congregation rooted in truth, grounded in grace, abiding in Christ, and producing the fruit of the Gospel. We believe that we must get back to the basics of Scripture and have a solid foundation of truth to build upon. As Jesus Christ works in and through us to fulfill our mission and pursue our vision, we expect to see results in these areas: Spiritual Formation, Community Transformation, and Empowerment of the Next Generation.

The Heart of Liberty Nazarene

Liberty Church of the Nazarene:

Building a foundation for an eternal future.

The Gospel is ultimately about humanity being restored to God’s community. Only through practicing community will individuals grow fully in the grace and knowledge to be found in Jesus. Furthermore, it is through community that a fragmented world can best witness the power of the Gospel and the nature of God’s work. At Liberty Church of the Nazarene, we provide opportunities to grow in your faith, to strengthen your walk, and to be equipped to serve as the church outside of the walls.